Our Accounting Report Set meets all current regulatory requirements for bond portfolio accounting needs. 


We stay in communication with regulators, auditors and customers to ensure our reporting is up to date on all of the latest accounting standards.


Our independance comes from the fact that we own our own software.  We are not locked into any part of our architecture and can customize our offerings to match our customers needs. 


Different pricing sources, analytic models and even accounting methods are all within our ability to customize for our customers.

Analytic Analysis

Our scalable analytic offerings allow for at-a-glance measurements of a portfolios performance in a variety of market conditions.


We have a report set that will present all evaluations in an easy to read format that will give you the power to make better informed decisions in a turbulent marketplace.

Asset Liability

Our reporting allows us to integrate into 3rd party accounting tools such as Asset-Liability systems and General Ledger systems.


Asset Liability integration allows you to see your entire institution at a glance.


Our General Ledger system allows you to post your numbers quickly and accurately.

Any-Time Processing

Our system was written to allow for no "hard closes."  If you need to recalculate your numbers for any period, our system will give you the power to do so without any worries.


This gives us tremendous power to ensure that your numbers are always capable of matching your expectations, no matter what happens.

Report Customization

Our report set was designed hand in hand with customers.  It allows for at-a-glance understanding of what is going on, from individual items to the entire portfolio.


In addition, we are constantly adding reports based on customer needs, if you have a special report you need for the board, we can make it.

SAAS Architecture

Our web service allows for real-time additions, processing and reporting. 


In short, if there are any changes needed on the portfolio, it is only a matter of moments from when you notice the problem to when you see the updated reports.