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Since 1995, Adams Financial Software, Inc. have provided quality reporting for financial institutions across the country.

Our system has been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for integration into existing systems, incorporating various sources and proving up-to-date, accurate reporting for bond accounting needs.


Adams Financial Software has experience in dealing with all of the issues involved in holding and maximizing the return of a bond portfolio.  Through our accounting methods, we ensure that regulatory compliant earnings are accounted for and that changes in a bond are easily brought forth.


Market Valuations, Analytic Stress testing and Regulatory Compliant reporting are the tools that we offer to aid in the management of a bond portfolio.


Our system has been vetted through over 20 years of bond market experience, working with investment managers, regulators and accounting teams to ensure that our reporting meets all of our customers needs.

Our strengths lie in the key features we specialize in:

  • Reporting for any period over the life of a bond

  • Accounting Compliance

  • Analytic Analysis

  • Integration of 3rd Party General Ledger Software

  • Integration of Asset Liability Software

  • Report Customization

  • On-line Real-time interface


Adams Financial Software can meet your needs!


Please call us if you have any questions, or would like a sample of our reporting options.


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